Activations 101

This introductory workshop will give you an opportunity to be prophetically activated to hear the Voice of the Lord with faith and confidence. The many “hands on” exercises will equip you to hear God for yourself and others. You will receive training and activation from seasoned prophets and prophetic ministers. This impartation and activation seminar will help you to effectively minister to others, individually and corporately. This class is primarily activation-oriented and can benefit the well experienced and seasoned as well as the inexperienced alike. Regardless of your current level of hearing, you will be challenged to move to a higher realm of prophetic discernment.

Who Should Attend: Pastors, Ministers, Teachers, Leaders and Any Christian Who Desires to Hear God’s Voice More Clearly.

Event Calendar

Date Time Details
March 17, 2018 10:00 AM Be a part of the workshop that can change the way the World interacts with the Lord! Registration is FULL and now closed