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CITY-WIDE November 2018

CITY-WIDE Miracle & Healing Service

This FREE event is for you if you or someone you know are in need of a miracle. Whether your need is a physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, or whatever your need, God is ready to deliver it at this miracle outpouring service! We have seen: hips replaces, bones and backs healed, marriages restored, addictions broken, cancer defeated, skin conditions disappear, miscarriages prevented, lungs restored, joints healed, jobs obtained, salvations and creative miracles released as God pours out his love and miracle-working power! This is an invitation to come experience the miraculous healing power of God in your life!

Come and Bring ALL Who Need a MIRACLE!!!

Cost: Free – A Love Offering Will Be Received

A Few of the Testimonies from Our Most Recent City-Wide Service:

Had pain in right shoulder and was on steroids. At last miracle service, I was prayed for, pain left – not on steroids anymore. Prayed for eyes and I can see clearly tonight!

I had broken my rotator cuff in my right shoulder many years ago. While I have full use of the arm there was a spot that was painful when pressed. That pain has disappeared after prayer. Praise the Lord!
My right leg has no nerve pain, gone instantly. A rash on my stomach decreased after prayer!

I was hurting in my neck due to a loss of fluid in my cervical vertebrae, loss of movement and headache. God removed the pain in my neck, shoulders and headache!

I woke up Wednesday and my back seized up. I could barely walk and get out of a chair. After prayer I received my healing and flexibility! Praise God!

Had a very centralized lower back pain that started hurting on long drives. In the last 7 to 8 months it started to hurt continually. I was coming up when she asked for those in pain…then I realized that the pain was completely gone!

While worshipping had pain and dizziness, After prayer, pain is gone. Dizziness is gone. Can sing, dance and jump!

Event Calendar

Date Time Details
November 16, 2018 7:30 PM This is an invitation to come experience the miraculous healing power of God in your life! Registration Coming Soon!