The Charge

The need for Christians to hear and discern God’s voice is greater today than ever before. The Life Center’s “The Charge” provides sound biblical teaching, hands-on training and activation in hearing God’s voice for yourself and others. This introductory class includes many “hands on” opportunities to equip you for effective ministry to those around you. You will receive foundational teaching, training and a “prophetic charge” teaching with impartation, which will enable you to minister with confidence.

Topics Covered: ➢ Scriptural Foundation for Operating in the Prophetic ➢ Guidelines for Ministering in the Prophetic ➢ Guidelines for Operating Prophetically Under Authority in the Local Church ➢ The Nature of Personal Prophecy ➢ Guidelines for Responding To a Prophetic Word ➢ Prophetic Operations ➢ The Prophetic Charge ➢ Activation in Hearing God’s Voice

This prophetic impartation will equip you to hear the Voice of the Lord and teach you how to properly deliver His word with proper prophetic protocol. Regardless of the level of hearing you currently possess, you will not be the same!

Materials that can prepare you for this class: Bishop Hamon’s books: Prophets & Personal Prophecy, Prophetic Pitfalls, Prophetic Scriptures to be Fulfilled

Testimonies from Attendees:
“This workshop transformed my life! It greatly increased my confidence in hearing God’s voice and launched me into a new realm of operating in the prophetic gifting! What a blessing to the Body of Christ! I think every Christian should have the opportunity to attend. Keep up the good work!”

“There are no human words to express what a wonderful gift this is! I absolutely love it! This class provided a safe non-threatening atmosphere to learn in. Thanks to Life Center for offering a class like this. Wow!”

“This class was awesome! Every lesson was great! I was amazed at how many accurate words I received from the other students in the class. The instructors did a great job!”

Event Calendar

Date Time Details
November 3, 2018 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM This workshop will allow you to be prophetically charged to hear the Voice of the Lord in faith and confidence. Register Now