Written by Apostle Buddy Crum and Dr. Mary Crum

It is so obvious that things are in a time of great transition in every area of life.  The Church is no exception.  Now is the time for the Church to arise and the Apostles to function in their calling.  Every member of the Five-Fold ministry as defined by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:11-12, is needed for this future transition.  The Church is going to need to be more proactive and deliberate in fulfilling the mandate as declared by the Apostle John “in Him was life, and the life was the light of men.  And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.” (John 1:4-5)

For this to occur, there must be more collaboration within the Body of Christ. In the future there will be ministries that will unite based upon their specialized area of ministry application and calling.  While local churches have attempted to be involved in implementing every area of ministry, they have not been able to penetrate any area deeply enough to bring significant or systemic transformation.  The parachurch and various diversified ministries have been in-filling but have not had the consistent support of the local church.

The pastorally led local church will continue to be devoted to the maturing, feeding and care of the relationships within the Body of Christ.  However, “members” will be involved in multiple ministry organizations led by Apostolic leaders. The Teacher will become more widespread and diversified in defining and applying the gospel. The work of the Evangelist will be preparing others and more organized to function in multiple and diversified means.

For example, we have seen this in recent years with the production and distribution of movies that touch the lives of people in subtle but effective means.  We will learn to receive the prophetic teachings and prophesies with greater understanding and acceptance.

There is not a lack of resources within the Church.  It has more of everything that is needed for this transition. The difficulty has been attempting to channel the gifts and callings into a defined church structure. The need is to equip and empower believers to live out their calling and assignment in a lifestyle that is built upon their passion and experience. 

I believe Christians want to be more effective in living the gospel as a lifestyle and to not feel so segmented or defined. As believers can see and understand how the Holy Spirit is able and willing to direct their steps in their daily walk, they will be able to communicate their convictions and experience.  As part of the equipping we will need to teach every believer to know how to effectively do spiritual warfare and be equipped to meet their individual challenges.

As a means of encouragement, I believe we have been moving in this direction on a very slow pace for a long time.    Certainly, the identification and teaching of the Seven mountains has helped to define this paradigm shift.  The acceleration will come with the Apostles and their Kingdom perspective and a sense of urgency. In addition, the other major factor is the extensive and rapid communication of the internet.  In conclusion, the events in 2020 have shown us the need for the Church and the need for us to be more effective and relevant as followers of Christ.

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