(Embracing the Apostolic)

Introductory School of Apostolic Training. This dynamic one day workshop will ground you in biblical truth and heaven’s revelation on how the apostolic move is changing the Church and the marketplace today. Learn and see demonstration of how the apostlic functions to help you discover your passion, your purpose and your pathway to fulfilling your destiny!

As the Holy Spirit driven apostolic movement continues to bring revelation to the Body of Christ, we are moving into higher and higher realms of biblical and practical apostolic understanding. You will be challenged and enlightened with “now” revelation. Participation, activation and impartation will provide opportunity for you to rise to a whole new dimension of practical insight, anointing, revelation and understanding.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The Apostolic Move of God
  • Why the Apostolic is So Important to the Church Now!
  • Church Shift from the Pastoral to the Apostolic
  • Function and Gifting of the Apostle
  • How Apostles Interact with Other Five Fold Ministers
  • Spheres of Apostolic Influence
  • How Do I Fit Into This Move?
  • How Apostles Will Function in the Future in the Church & Marketplace
  • And Much More!

Apostolic Panel