Death by Comfort

Written by Anthony Griffin

There is an enemy in your camp. This enemy makes you feel good, seeks to make life easy for you, presents itself as something to seek after, and causes you to be disturbed when you don’t get it. This enemy is a master chameleon. It comes in the form of food, sleeping, physical pleasures, easiness, and fun. It keeps its taunts towards you at work. Even when you park in the parking lot, this enemy is there, calling you desperately.


As one routinely seeks, finds, accepts, and settles into comfort, one also finds death. Comfort kills your pursuit of doing and being more. Comfort causes acceptance of status quo and stagnation. Comfort makes you say, “no” to eating what’s truly good and healthy for you. Comfort prevents you from building muscle and losing weight. Comfort prevents you from taking risks that will ultimately bring you new life. Comfort denies you the lifeforce you would receive from writing that book, starting that business, or going to that new place to meet new people. Comfort says surviving on the hamster wheel is ok.

The truth is, comfort is not comfortable at all. Comfort allows you to avoid growth, avoid change, avoid developing, avoid improving your knowledge, skills, and avoid enlarging your dreams and imagination.

How do you expel comfort from your camp?

Seek discomfort.

Yes, discomfort should be your companion, your goal, your go-to tool for growth. What does seeking discomfort look like? Besides looking ugly and unwanted, it looks daunting, overwhelming, sometimes even impossible, regardless of how simple it may actually be. Seeking discomfort looks like learning something new instead of watching a favorite TV show. It looks like embracing and resting in the rumble and growl of your empty stomach because you know that means your body is about to start using fat for fuel. It looks like spending extra hours on your own to learn that new skill or improve your technique.

Seeking discomfort is powerful. It is a place of power that not everyone is willing to go. Those who are willing to go, experience something that comfort can never give – the life producing fulfillment of purpose. Fulfillment of purpose cannot be achieved in the realm of comfort. Comfort stays still, happy where it is. The path to purpose is moving, winding, twisting, and contains discomfort.

We are engineered to grow through discomfort. We are engineered to slowly fade to death through comfort. Muscles grow after they experience the discomfort of being used and broken down, but deteriorate from the comfort of lack of use. We grow spiritually and physical health is improved through the discomfort of fasting. Brain power increases after the discomfort of struggling and extra effort to learn something new, but decreases from status quo use. There are monuments to be achieved in your life that are standing on the other side of discomfort. Seek the discomfort and you will find the monuments. See Philippians 3:14.

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