Just Be

Written by Alesia Washington

One morning as I rode along the road to work, I heard God whisper to me – “Just Be,” Be who I created you to be.  For a season in my life I had been so much to everyone else, to the point that I had lost me and on this crossroad of life, I came to a place of not knowing me.  The me who God created me to be. 

But this morning Father, told me to “Just Be,” Be the vessel that he fearfully and wonderfully made, Be the workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.  Be the beauty of his image that he made me, Be the light that shines in darkness, to touch and light the way for others to see.  Be a vessel of love that flows, Be the vessel that declares liberty.  Be one with God in all things, Be salt of the earth that brings season to that which surrounds me.

As I drove into work, on that day, God began to teach me how to “Just Be.”  He reminded me how to “Just Be” without guilt or shame, how his love for me is greater than anything.  How in the midst of the “Just Be” I did not have to try to perfect anything.  He reminded me that Jesus paid the price for all ever done and now I was to walk in the freedom of being who he created me to be.

The enemy of my soul is a liar and a theft, and his desire is that I don’t Be, he desires that I believe his lies and deceptions that wants me to believe that my old life is what I will forever be.  But on this morning Father God spoke to me and lovingly whispered to me to “Just Be, “ all that he created me to “Be” and  to remember I was brought with a price and I was free to “Just Be” who he created me to Be…his beloved, his ambassador, his chosen, his new creation, in which the new has come and I am to rest in him and “Just Be” all that his words states and say that I am to “Be.”

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