For almost three decades we have believed in our mission of ‘equipping Christians and building leaders’ and have worked very hard to make that mission a reality. One of the ways we have done that is through our Leadership Development Program (LDP). Dr. Buddy Crum established this program under The Life Center to “provide the means and methods for developing each member’s gifts, spiritual goals and spiritual maturity”. This May we have made some important changes to LDP to better serve our members and to provide opportunities for growth to all who come through The Life Center.


The Life Center’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) produces reproducers to facilitate the full development of the desired, individual qualities, but also to effect positive change within all Christian believers. The goal is to ensure LDP members are set up to succeed in their roles and to ensure The Life Center has an internal pipeline of matured gifting to fulfill its mission

Here are three of the main benefits of joining LDP:

  • It allows qualified individuals to be suitably matched in roles aligned with their gifts & passion
  • It provides online training, personal development, professional development and ministry opportunities so that each member grows and eventually advances with increased responsibilities
  • It ensures The Life Center develops the leadership potential of all individuals.


There are currently eight ministry areas in LDP. Each one is designed to fit the individual passions and giftings of all members of The Life Center. Each area also has a designated team leader to help mentor and guide your integration. Here are the ministry areas:

  • The Arts
  • Business & Finance
  • Christian Education
  • Marketing
  • Marketplace Alliance Group
  • Ministry
  • Outreach
  • Pastoral Care
  • Special Projects

The Leadership Development Program or LDP would love to help you reach your spiritual goals. For more information about LDP and how you can get involved please contact Wanda Hunter for more information.