Who will you encounter?

You will meet people of faith, transformation and inspiration. As people of faith, we experience a God of grace and mercy and we give thanks and praise to God in worship and through caring for others. As people transformed by the love of Jesus Christ, we work for the transformation of our world with our community. As people inspired by a wondrous Spirit, we question, study, and pray as we seek to lead passionate and purposeful lives.

How We Serve Our Members

We will be happy to answer your questions if you want more information about becoming a Life Center member. Please send them to us via our Contact Page. The Life Center is a relevant, contemporary, multicultural place where people gather to be equipped and empowered to live passionate, purpose-driven, phenomenal lives in Jesus Christ.
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Membership Class

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We Are

Quite simply, at The Life Center, we strive to be a reflection of the God we worship and we invite you to join us.

When Can You Join Us

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